School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok

School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok

School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok has the capacity of 400 students divided into 20 classes. We have two educational sectors (four year programmes):

1 Arts (fine arts and music)

2 Graphic technology and audiovisual design (media technician, web designer, graphic technician)

Multiple year success at national competitions in all educational sectors as well as multiple projects conducted on local, national and international levels speak for themselves when it comes to the dynamic, professional and creative education of our students. In addition to that, our students and teachers have won innumerable prizes as well as participated in numerous EU and other projects (Comenius, ACES, IPA, ERASMUS+, ESF funds) which contributed to their professional training. Including students into national and international projects, travels, exhibitions, field classes and collaborations with different institutions and associations in Croatia as well as other countries, is one of the most important traits of School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok.


Students at the centre of attention

School for Arts, Design, Graphics and Clothes Zabok puts its students in the centre of attention. We guarantee development of skills and potentials of our students and acquirement of general and professional knowledge through regular classes, extracurricular activities, volunteering, innovations, media performances, field classes etc. We offer students optional subjects such as advanced chemistry and mathematics, German as additional foreign language, publishing, performance arts…

Students have a chance to participate in school co-op Plavi trnac which develops entrepreneurship through different sections: creative ethno, applied graphics, decorative design and design in entrepreneurship in textile and graphics. Students also have the opportunity of working in media culture in our Multimedia Centre (E-materials can be used on the following link: Collaboration in auditory media is conducted with Radio Zabok and other local radio stations.  All interested students can work with other students from schools in the county and connect their knowledge under teacher mentorship.


Modern work environment for our students

Our school continually modernises equipment and puts great emphasis on modernisation of education as well as professional training of teachers. In school year 2016/2017 we enrolled in a project of WiFi network of Croatian schools by Microsoft and CARnet which introduces WiFi in schools. In addition to fast Internet connection, our school achieved a high level of Internet security because students are able to connect only via their AII@edu (CARnet identity) credentials and in that way access school’s networking system and MS Office 365.

In the same school year, School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes got Microsoft Showcase school status for excellence in development of educational programmes. This means that our school is recognised as a school which applies ICT in classes, encourages motivation of teachers in creating modern educational environment and finds new and innovative approaches to teaching via modern technologies.

Microsoft Showcase schools are a great example of application of innovations to achieve better connection of students, to motivate them and to create a community which uses technology both in school surroundings and outside them. In 2013 we started using E-dnevnik (e-grade book visible online to staff, parents and students at all times) which help us prevent dissatisfaction (from bad and negative grades to truancy). All classrooms and cabinets have equipment for multimedia education. Most teachers put class materials on web portals and we also update our web site constantly so our students and their parents get all pieces of vital information on time.



School for Art, Design, Graphics and Clothes successfully collaborates with all preferential colleges of students: Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb, Faculty of Organisation and Informatics Varaždin (FOI), Academy of Fine Arts Rijeka, Faculty of Architecture Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology Zagreb, University North and other colleges, faculties and universities in Zagreb, Zabok and other Croatian cities.

Our school successfully proves its slogan to be true (Creativity is our reality and a contribution to future) through educating young people to acquire knowledge and think in a modern, original and creative way. We accomplish that by integrating different types of art, music, performance and by using new technologies and modern media which also contributes to providing a better perspective for our youth.


Škola za umjetnost, dizajn, grafiku i odjeću Zabok


A Prilaz prof. Ivana Vrančića 5, Zabok

T 049 221 620

F 049 221 147


Božica Šarić

T 049 221 174


Branko Barlović

T 049 221 205


Monika Antunović

T 049 221 169


Voditeljica smjene
Andreja Hozmec

T 049 221 620, kućni 15



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